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The activities


Life in India is so hetic, that being on the street is an activity.
But this is all that will surprise you, entice you, challenge you during your stay in South India and that you will develop according to your taste and also with the kind assistance of your driver-guide.



p1010778-1 The temples : In South Indiaen daily life revolves around religion and sacred temples. Here we find the oldest temples and this is the beating heart of the country. Each year, millions of people from all regions meet there.This is an amazing experience to witness that all the rituals performed during the ceremonies ... and a feast for the eyes.

National parks : India is rich in about 80 national parks and 441 reserves. Including Eravikulam National Park in Kerala, Bandipur parks and Nagarhole in the Karnataka, Periyar nature reserve ... With their variety of animals, plants, landscapes and rock formations, these parks are truly museums of life and creations of nature. Special places for walks, excursions and trekking.

 voyage inde 482 The beaches : great attraction of South India. By region, they have their own identity which varies by location. Some are devoted to international tourism while others are for Indian honeymooners. In all cases, you will find wonderful restaurants, fabulous sunsets and fragrant spice bazaars.
  • The backwaters : a unique site which is very definitely the highlight of a trip in South India.
  • The backwaters are a series of lakes, canals and rivers, surounded by dense tropical vegetation untouched by man. The boats glide slowly along the shady river, lined with small villages and homes. Unique experience not to miss.

The country of Ayurveda : for those who are tempted by this ancient medical science, treatment can range from one hour therapy sessions up to several days.

  • The dance : Bhâratanatyam and kathakali play an important role in the cultural life of South India. They are among the forms of the oldest theater in the world with complex forms of makeup that indicates the nature and characteristics of each protagonist. Discover...



Apart from the activities listed above, we wish to emphasise the interest and support of your driver and the proposals he will abble to make troughout your stay :

logo nandi  You will visit a school and be enchanted by all the bright smiles of young children in a song, a dance in honor of our visit. Why not attend a wedding if the opportunity arises, we are alwals welcome.

logo nandi  You will stop on the roadside at the brick factory, see the exhausting work of these young women. You will be amazed at the work of these men who make the tiles so ancient. You will discover the production of fabrics of silk and cotton in these workshop that have no age... Well, all the artisan craft with real artisans. 


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logo nandi  Your driver can also book you a massage, a true indian massage other than those that are available in hotels. At periyar for example.

logo nandi  Your driver is abble to book a local guide, full day or half day, for the sites you want to visit further. Suffice it to tell him the day before your visit. This may be appropriate on sites of Tanjore, trichy, Hospet ...

Your treasured memories come from unexpected moments of interaction with local people as they go about their daily lives. That's why we believe this particular formula that brings together the visitor and the native.

You thirst to discover : your driver is force proposal, in respect of the indian population, discreet and extremely protective.

And again, there is no accumulation of commissions, which serves both the visitor and the visited.

Dance in aKarnataka's school