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On their return, travelers ASI we share their comments.

You want to get in touch with one of them: don't hesitate to apply to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Their comments ...



I stayed from 4 to 25 November last in South India according to an itinerary with accommodation designed by your association Authentic South India. I got to know your association through my brother. When he and his wife told me that they were planning a trip to South India, I was immediately captivated by the destination. Then I visited your site. I was won over.
I consider the trip well organized, satisfying, enriching, and unforgettable. As for our driver: punctuality = perfect, friendliness = perfect, availability = perfect, proposals, activities and visits = very good, quality of contact = excellent. Palani was an outstanding driver considering the anarchy that reigns on Indian roads. Very careful and yet reckless. Palani is a respectful man, who has always kept his place even after several days of proximity. Always smiling, ready to help or advise. Dedicated and at our entire disposal. He was excellent in everything expected of him. Able to take the initiative to change one visit to another when he did not feel us interested. To sum up, Palani is an exceptional man who must be encouraged to remain himself and to always evolve in his activity.
The accommodation met our expectations very well.
Recommend: The Hibiscus in Pondicherry, a small structure with great care taken at all levels. The rooms, the breakfasts and the competent and friendly staff. The Ambady Estate hotel in Munnar where everything was perfect. We wanted to stay there longer and even go back one day. The intoxication of the mountains perhaps! In any case a delight that we unanimously shared. Then Maria's house in Allepey and its backwater environment.
D. – D. – M. – M. – T. November 19

We are very satisfied by this journey, its shape, the contacts… this stay corresponds to what we expect from a trip. We feel very fortunate to have had the experience of planting rice and participating in a marriage. We are looking forward to returning to India.
Bernadette November 19

We loved this trip to South India. Palani was a very good driver, very careful, kind, smiling. Really, we want to thank him.
M. – D. Novembre 19

Excellent stay for us who only practiced organized trips. The work on the paper guides taught us a lot. Despite our 3 weeks stay, we would have liked to spend more time in Thekkady and Munnar. We have excellent memories of our visit to the Hibiscus in Pondicherry, Paddy Homestay in Thanjavur and Ambady Estate in Munnar. A big thank you to our driver Sabari and his family. He welcomed us into his family and brought us to a typical Tamil Nadu wedding. THANK YOU
Ml. – F. – B. – Jl. – M. – M. November 19

It was great. This extraordinary country, these smiles, this accompaniment! The change of scenery is total. Kumar who accompanied us made us feel safe while we discovered Tamil Nadu and Kerala. We left this country with the certainty that we will come back to it very soon.
P., K. February 2019


Our family trip to South India has been a real one. We had organized with the agency. What to say: everything was perfect !! ASI helped to make this trip a superb trip with dives that we would not have imagined alone! The hotels: very good especially the discovery of Paddy next to Thanjavur! The perfect itinerary !! We will return to ASI with eyes closed! A big thank you for this stay without fail! Dream holiday for the whole family !!!
V., T., E., E. - February 2019


We landed at Munbay. We asked Jean-Luc and Christiane to show us the city at night before leaving for Mangalore. Peter took good care of us. Our stay was wonderful. Strikes have somewhat disrupted the stages but the adaptation of the team was very good. Really, thank you.
C., H. - February 2019


Stay well organized, rewarding, unforgettable. We went from Chennai to Cochin in 14 days. Custom made! Thank you all.
G., V., H., C., C. - January 2019


3rd stay with Authentic South India. This time we went 7. We discovered Karnataka. We left Hubli and finished in Bangalore. The accommodations were perfect with a special mention for Heritage Resort in Hampi. Of course we will continue to advise Authentic South India to our family and friends and then we will think about our next stay in South India ... With Thiru of course :)
C., G., C., D., A., H., R. February 2019


11 days in the North followed by 12 days in the South. Christiane offered us a route from Delhi to Varanasi. It was in collaboration with his friend Narendra that they organized the northern part. Delhi, Agra, Lucknow, Allahabad and Varanasi. We went from wonders to wonders. Then, we took an internal flight from Varanasi to Chennai and we tasted all the peace of the South.
An exceptional trip. A thousand times thank you.
Serge, F. - C. - P. – C. – T. – April/May 2018


Here is my review of Marie's stay at Paddy Homestay and the circuit that followed.

She was delighted with the welcome, the place, everything ... I wanted to thank you. Everything was perfect.

I attach a link (put on our blog) where she tells about her experience and in particular the fun way that Thiru's father took care of her.

I hope to meet you one day.

Good continuation.

Véronique - March 2018

A small end-of-stay Namaste, on a fabulous note with the fascinating Taj Mahal!

All delighted with our enchanting stay, full of beautiful discoveries and visits, temples, palaces, forts ..... we leave with many beautiful memories in the heart and in the head.

We thank you warmly for this beautiful proposal of stay.

Natu's humor and personality were perfectly compatible with the mood of our group. He is highly recommended.

Robert will write to you later on very soon.

Very warmly.

Claudette, Anne-Marie, Dominique, Robert and Marc - February 2018




Hello, I confirm for Paddy Homestay next to Thanjavur. I stayed there for 4 days in February and I can say it was so relaxing when we did a lot of cities and temples in Tamil Nadu! I chose this place precisely for that ... It's the total change of scenery. Noise and crowds, we move to the quiet of the countryside. We discover another India, rural India of small villages, far from the frenzied urban turmoil. This pause of a few days in the middle of our journey in the south of India had done us a lot of good, both psychologically and physically. If you can, do it. I think you will not regret it.Best route from Tamil Nadu to Kerala ericmoorea


Excellent stay in Tamil Nadu, directed by 2 friendly and excellent drivers / guides. Route very interesting, prepared by professionals in love with their region. Thanks to Manojkumar, Arul, Thiru and Christiane.

Eric & S. - November 2017


Three weeks, in the month of August, with family, in South India. This will be a wonderful memory for all of us. We were accompanied and pampered by Kumar. Indians are so attentive and anxious to do well. India is so different, our family could marvel all these cultural differences. It makes you want to come back but also to discover the world.
Corinne, T., T., J. M. - August 2017




Unforgettable journey, wonderful, great concept, security and freedom. No stresses schedules to respect and at the same time we have seen the basics and a little more! We will be back, is sure ...

Sylvie, J., A., S. - April 2017

What a journey! We loved it .... it was original, safe, off the beaten track ..... it felt like we did not meet any tourist (what a pleasure).

Arul has greatly contributed to the success of this journey. He was considerate, discreet but always at ease, very very attentive.

The fact also to always have his boss online, as soon as we had a special request ... good resto ... little beer ... it was very nice.

Also, very very good driver considering the roads, it was very relaxing.

We really enjoyed the stay at Paddy Homestay .... what a change of scenery. Karaikudi ..., the hotel is fine, but not my favorite. On the other hand, in Kanyakumari, the meal at the inhabitant and the boat ride are absolutely to keep in your program. We stayed at the samsara hotel in Varkala ... absolutely brilliant: on the beach, quiet ,,, we really recommend it ...

Here, I can only say thank you, thank you for your patience, but especially for the speed with which you answered each of our questions.

Thank you for everything.

Mariasa, M. - January 2017

Everything went very well. We are delighted with our stay and Vijay is really great. We loved Chettinad or the surroundings are really lovely. We loved Cochin, Allepey and Thekkady. The visit of the Meenakshi Temple in Madurai was great. In Thanjore, we enjoyed our meeting with Thiru: the place is magical and we really enjoyed the typical cuisine proposed by the structure, as well as our outing to the discovery of a nearby village. Thank you for all your advice and suggestions. Thank you for everything.

Virginie and L. - Dec-Jan 2017


Original trip, very very well organized, off the beaten track. Arul, our driver, very considerate, which allowed us to let ourselves carry and take full advantage of the trip.

Martine, M. - January 2017


Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, 5 days ... a crazy pace, people everywhere, colors, smells. And then the domestic flight to Chennai. Tamil Nadu, Arul our driver. What a great trip. We liked everything, especially the diversity of each place. Which country! everything is amazing ... even the floods that suffered on arrival. This is a huge change of scenery. Thibault, V. - November 2016


A good trip, well organized. Thank you. Françoise, P. - Oct. 2016



Great time ... extra. These are adjectives that are used commonly but there are meaningful. We took advantage of everything, curious about everything. We have beset our friend Karthi questions. We lived a moment of peace on the houseboat and the backwaters. We were immersed in the atmosphere of temples, lived an extraordinary moment of exchange with the population in the village of Thiru. Kanyakumari, the end of the world, I particularly liked. And varkala ... why we didn't stay two days more! And the fact of traveling in August wasn't problem. I would even say the contrary: better prices, less tourists, normal heat and some rain, nothing bad. In short, great ... awesome.


Nadine, S., C., B. - August 2016

Selvam, a little shy at the beginning, proved to be a super nice traveling companion. We enjoyed every day. This is exactly the type of holiday we like. Nanou, F. - Feb 2016

3 girls ... it's good to be accompanied by Deva, protective and caring. The formula enabled us to enjoy everything. I loved the step at Thiru’s homestay. It’s authentic and the chef is very helpful and talented. We had very nice contacts. Step Munnar enchanted me and the boat ride on the backwaters is an unforgettable moment of fullness. Emilie, J., B. - Jan 2016



We had a wonderful time all 6. Our children loved: 4, 7, 8 and 11 years - what a great adventure we lived together.
Thank you again. Karthi was a perfect driver with whom we shared lots of great times.
Christophe, S., O., A., M., J. - May 2015


A second journey with ASI - We did new discoveries: Tranquebar, the homestay in Tanjore, Cap Comorin. We didn’t resist the pleasure of visiting again Varkala, Allepey... it was wonderful. In the same spirit of exchange with our driver, Karthi, which was "super".

Arminé, C., P. - April 2015    

We had a great journey, seen many things, without make only visits. Our driver have revealed to us the life of his village, attend a wedding. We keep very good memories. This trip has definitely met our expectations. A big "thank you" to Karthi. 

Martine M. - March 2015

Our girl doing an internship at a clinic in Pondicherry, we chose to take the opportunity to visit Tamil Nadu and Kerala. This stay will remain unforgettable. Arul, our driver, punctual, available, very careful and friendly. The accommodations were great. I will take a particularly idyllic memories of Blooming Bay hotel on the cliffs of Varkala. I also will remember the kindness and smiles Indians. From now on, I imagine a future stay that could lead us from Cape Comorin in Bangalore ... This will continue to dream!

Frédérique, B. - February 2015

Impromptu holiday last minute and ultimately very successful. We enjoyed outside the box of conventional tourism. We enjoyed being able to take advantage of hotels with a stamp and beautiful rooms like JC Residency in Madurai like to taste the charm of Paddy Homestay in zen of the frame. Thank you to Sellom for his great kindness and availability.

M-R., D., E., A. - March 2015

We will keep fond memories of this trip and will not hesitate to contact you if we decide to make another trip in India. Karthi has been great. We liked the variety of accommodations. Each stage was different, India is definitely a wonderful country.

Isabelle, P., G., S. - February 2015

This stay has fully met our expectations. My daughter and I are really excited. It is very comprehensive, the journey is very beautiful. Prasad our driver all possible qualities. Discreet, kind we give it 20/20. The perfect hotel trade. The step homestay was excellent: the walk in the village on the oxcart sunset was amazing. For us, this is the real luxury. Just as, at Alleppey, we could see the return of fishemen during our bike ride. Thank you all and especially Prasad.

Mark M. - January 2015


The whole group was VERY satisfied with the trip AND the guide. ASI allows everyone to organize a trip to the card. The drivers listen travelers, always friendly and available. If this franco-indian collaboration  allows  Indian families live better, then is even better.

Thank you Christiane and Jean-Luc for their investment which enables travel as successful.

It is with great joy that we will again say hello to Palany if, as we hope, we plan a new program for 2015.

We also have "worked" in RASTA center to make it even more pleasant guest house. This is a step that you could offer your solidarity trips. The massage will soon be operational.

All profits from tourism in solidarity RASTA allows the center to fund working groups for women,

and also to educate the children of the poorest tribes

This is a beautiful project that deserves to be pondering.

Thank you again and soon.

Isabelle, L., C., C., P., N. - September 2014


We went to join our son who is currently studying in Bangalore. I made the choice of Authentic South India because it’s an agency that is facing fair tourism. I would describe A.S.I. very professional and very attentive to our désiratas. We were able to do a stay of 15 days on 3 states, with proposals accommodation varied and superb. Thiru entrusted us on the west part to Shatsin for 8 days, very experienced in driving and local knowledge and very endearing. We found Thiru on the eastern side, with which we continued our stay, as if we were a family of 5. Really exceptional! Always a smile, great sense of humor, very professional and serious. We spent 15 amazing days, a great complicity and friendship has created and hope we can meet him here in France or another time in India.

Sylvie, D, T, PJ - Avril 2014


From the first contact until the end of our stay, we felt a real support for our French correspondents and Thiru and his team in South India. This adventure took place in peace and security with a "hat trick" to Palani, our guide for his brilliance driver at the wheel and its responsiveness to the risks encountered. We advised the agency to close friends who are considering a future trip in South India.
Dany, B., C., B. - March 2014

Thank you for this trip which took place generally very good. Kumar was a great traveling companion. He introduces us to his country with great kindness and attention.

See you soon for another trip ............. The next year (to study .....)

Pascale, D. March 2014


8 friends and 23 days of discovery and complicity with our Indian friend, Thiru . We discovered the 3 states. 3 different environments : the temples and immense fervor of Tamil Nadu, beaches and backwaters of Kerala , nature and national parks in Karnataka. The professionalism and kindness of our host made this trip a moment of pure happiness. The fact that we did discover his village was particularly touched us. Sure, we'll see him again in this wonderful country .

Christina P., Jl , B. , A. , C. , E., M. - Mars 2014
I would describe our stay as cool and original.
Kumar, our driver was extremely helpful and friendly : recommendable .

We especially loved the accommodation in Thekkady Periyar Nest . The welcome is very warm and the exchange with the owners very rich. We also enjoyed Pondichery and Cochin . A suggestion : extend your services to the North ! .
Thank you again.

François, A. , G. , F. - February 2014 - Février 2014
We are 2 couples , we returned from a stay of 4 weeks with ASI. Perfect organization . 3500 kms done in very good conditions with experienced driver - guide who helped us discover many aspects of this wonderful country.
Good balance between history, nature, people , relaxation ... Thanks also to the relay ( in France ), which allowed us to leave in peace.

Alain , S., J. , S. - February 2014
We were delighted with our trip, the return to reality is difficult.
Srini was very professional and excellent driver.
Thank you to all the Franco- Indian team for making this trip.

Sylvain J - January 2014

We were 8 - Thiru led our group with great professionalism, great sympathy, humor and good mood. That happiness, a change of scenery, the smiles of children, the colors of India. How not to enjoy this wonderful country, accompanied so?

Bruno, E., C., A., A., A., H., E. - January 2014 
The previous contact the trip was very good. I would call the stay great and well organized. We enjoyed Cochin and Kottayam where quality hospitality was excellent and fruitful exchanges. Ganeshan careful and very helpful. 
Louis M. - December 2013 
The challenge was important to me: South India with my two kids. Kumar accompanied us. This will remain a wonderful adventure. A wish: to return.

Antoine, J. J. - December 2013

Good organization, a driver - Vell murugan - who had an excellent driving on the roads and knowing find the atypical and local restaurant (Thali and other regaled us), good hotels ... this first experience with driver delighted us.
Jacques, J., M. C., M. - October 2013


I would like to share a report under 12 people who were in our group.
We were delighted by the visit to India and meeting with Thiru remain a significant event. This is a serious professional man, and with a sense of humor in all tests.
We returned with our luggage full of projects. One of them is to help RASTAINDIA Centre to restart its activities :
We want to provide our support to help Omana, through a responsible tourism business, to finance its welfare projects for women. We are busy lately mounting folders.
I keep in touch with you for the rest of this beautiful Indian adventure has only just begun.

Isabelle - Jean-pierre and other - October, 2013


It is now over 2 weeks since we returned from our trip to India, still amazed by what we saw, and that, thanks to our friend Thiru who guided us through his beautiful country.

We found a little bit of India, from Chennai to Cochin via Pondychery, Madurai and Munnar. We discovered the many temples and the beautiful mountains of Munnar tea.

Thiru adapts very well to our many requests (change of place for a guest house because he understood our preferences), he even changed the program Periyarr and Munnar. With him everything is possible, just ask him.

He also invited us to his village for a family lunch, and we attended a wedding, too. We found a very open man with his own humor.

Finally, we had a very nice trip. Hoping one day return to India and visit another part of the country.

Delphine and Pascal - May 2013


Our stay was a very pleasant surprise for us because everything went perfectly ... it was very well with Thiru - how could it be otherwise - who drives like a chef!
It's a shame that our stay was significantly closer to the end .... we still have to discover Cochin .....
I embrace you and renewing my congratulations for the organization of the stay. We are all delighted.
And thank you for taking the time to inform me, it is very nice.
It will give you news on my return.

Claudette - March 2013


We are back in Switzerland.
Once at home, the shock was severe and morale a little mast but now all is well. We resumed our normal lives are immersed in the photos. On the other hand, we miss the smells and smiles of South Indians people !
We want to give you some information about the unwinding of our trip.
Regarding Thiru: we were delighted to travel with him. This is a very good driver, very careful (important in India ....) very keen to offer us a great trip and very competent.
We found this journey very interesting as cultural than as human point of view. A little disappointed by the landscape in general - except the part of tea plantations, cardamom fields and cliffs and the site of Varkala. Rather disappointed also:
- Via the exit on the backwaters that deserves one more day on the boat to discover a little more local life
- The output "safari" at Periyar, we have not seen the shadow of an animal from a local squirrel (but it was our idea to go!).
But we've been to many countries in the world and have become perhaps a little too demanding!
The temples and the life that revolves around may be the major advantage (for us) of the trip but the biggest and best surprise was around people so friendly, so gracious and so open to strangers.
Thank you again for your cooperation.
Sylvie, G., I., G. - April 2013


Our trip went very well, we are still under the back end, Thiru is very endearing and made us discover his country as if we were his family. Like all trips that challenges we need a little time to digest so I answer this weekend your questionnaires and will contact you by phone. today we are not quite yet returned to France .... In any case, thank you very much. Sincerely.

Joelle, B. - December 2012


We are back in France, delighted by our stay in India.

I haven’t critic to make..... Arul and Kumar were very attentive and charming towards us. Through them, we have been to places where few tourists probably have access. Everything was exotic for us, the variety and richness of the places that we discovered delighted us.

The hotels were very satisfactory, with a favorite for Villa Helena in Pondicherry.

Well, I'm about to go to work, don’t hesitate to contact me if you wish.


Odile, B., F., A. - March 2013


We had a great trip in the Ghats amidst the vegetation and paradisiacal crops, supplemented by five days of true relaxation ...

We could, perhaps, avoid the night on the boat, but we didn’t knew that this would be in the middle of many identical boats. This must be quite painful in the high season, especially in comparison with the circuit before with the boat in Kumarakom.

Thank you very much,

Yannick and Patricia - February 2013


We discover this amazing country with great pleasure ... We now understand your enthusiasm that we pass on to our return around us. The orgnisation is great, and Kumar, in addition to being an excellent driver, delights us!

Marc - January 2013


My stay in Kerala has been very rewarding and certainly has inspired me to return to South India. Balu has real quality contact. I liked the houseboat where two people were the small care, combining presence and discretion. I loved also Cohin Heritage Home. It was good to dinner with another couple followed by you on another circuit: + + exchange. Good luck.

Ghislaine - December 2012


Despite some difficulties in understanding due to language, we had a great time. The hotels are a human scale, frequented by individual tourists. The guest house in Fort Cochin we really liked: very well located in the city, only 4 rooms and good comfort. Feel free to continue to promote the "authentic" time, for example stop on the way to a festival in a temple.

Robert and Michele - Jan 2013


I think that Authentic South India has an excellent formula for the first time in South India. I preferred Kerala thanTamil Nadu and I regret not having made a longer step to Periyar. I loved Chettinad and Cochin areas were lovely, the staff friendly and smiling. Mani was very effective as the "Indian" driving is still special.

Regis - February 2013


Sakti is an excellent driver, the best we have ever had. Everything was perfect. Keep your well experienced drivers!

Harold Y. - March 2013


I would like to thank you for this wonderful trip and a perfect organization. Thiru was an exceptional driver guide and I very much regret not being able to communicate more with him ... My English is too hidden for ages and it has struggled to emerge during this short stay too! You who are in contact with him, tell him that during this trip that I liked most was his state, Tamil Nadu, the friendliness of its people and culture so rich and beautiful. The day of Tanjore and his native village was a moving and unforgettable experience. I wish him well in all his projects ...

Robert - March 2013


Ravi, our driver, route, accommodation, everything was perfect ...

Jean-Pierre, M., M. - Jan 2013